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Can you believe Christmas is around the corner? Forget menopausal symptoms, this time of year can bring on all 50 symptoms in one fell swoop!

Heads up the Christmas pud might be in the washing machine!

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year. But it can also be very stressful, add a generous helping of menopause into the mix and things can get quite intense.

So, what can you do if you are up to your eyes in shopping, cooking, decorations, entertaining, and gift wrapping and symptoms?

Here are a few tips for surviving Christmas with Menopause:

🎁Be as organized as you can, take some of the stress out of the shopping, and get online, get them gift-wrapped. Suffering from brain fog gets a to-do list going. Do it on your phone you might forget where you put the list!

❤️Be open and communicate - Spending time with loved ones, is a great time to be open and honest with them. They might not get it but at least they will have a good idea of what's going on and support you or get the hell out of your way!

😂Have a sense of humour- So what if you use the mulled wine as gravy!! Try not to get too, wound up and remember you're not doing it on purpose.

🙃 Anxious - and overwhelmed - Use your symptoms to your advantage-Delegate stop being a control freak and get everyone mucking in.

😴Can't sleep - Use the time to wrap those extra Prezzy's. When everyone is asleep, enjoy the quietness of the house and do some breathing techniques.

😰Feeling Hotter than the roast potatoes - Get that Christmas jumper off. Wear lighter clothing.

🎈Bloating - like a balloon - Stuff the turkey, not your face. Yes, of course, enjoy yourself but choose wisely, and be mindful of all that rich foods and overload of sugar within arm's reach.

don't forget to move, and get out for a walk.

🍷Love a tipple - Remember cooking and drinking still count!

Alcohol and menopause are not a match made in heaven.

Drink lots of water in-between drinks

If you are suffering why add all this extra pressure and exacerbate the symptoms? You can enjoy Christmas just like everyone else, just choose wisely and nurture the symptoms you have.

If all else fails, EMERGENCY SELF-CARE grab the celebrations, a glass of vino and lock yourself in the bedroom and put on the Christmas rom-com. Only joking! 😉

12 DAYS OF MENOPAUSE: Twelve crazy moments, eleven irregular periods, ten suicidal minutes, nine angry outbursts, eight forgetful moments, seven GPs without a clue, six friends in denial, five divorce conversations, four hangover headaches, three hot flushes, two rows with my husband and one night sweat, lucky old me!

Wherever you are in the world, know that you are not alone. Until we meet again in 2023. I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year xx

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