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Well, it’s no secret that men too can be remarkably affected by menopause. This could be either through personal experience with their partner or through certain circumstances at the workplace. Having worked with multiple men in my 1:on:1 sessions made me realize the importance of creating this unique webinar as the men had really benefited after learning and having the right knowledge on menopause. It’s time that men take the initiative to educate themselves and eliminate the stigma associated with menopause. By offering the appropriate support you can now be a part of this movement and help create an empathetic culture at home and in the workplace towards menopause.  

  • Single pre-recorded session of 1 hour for $41


Everyone has to do their job and so does the liver! But, it’s always beneficial in learning how we can help the liver function effectively. In this module, we will take a look at how we can look after our liver irrespective of whether we are overweight, fit, and healthy, or heading towards menopause. 

Learn about this phenomenal organ that has over 500 functions in our body. 

As many of us enter the 3rd stage of life, an uncared liver can have a bigger impact on our menopause symptoms. Infact not it’s not just menopause, if you generally feel tired, low on energy, stressed, low sex drive, or struggling to lose weight- Then, the good news is we are there to help you.  

As you progress in the program, you will be able to apply strategies for improving the health of your liver and within 6-8 weeks, you will be able to restore the health of your liver.

 Healthier liver, happier you!

  • Single pre-recorded session of 1 hour for $41


Not able to have a good sleep? you are certainly not sailing alone in this!

Sleep difficulties or even insomnia are some of the early signs of perimenopause. We all know the importance of good sleep as it helps us to regenerate and boosts our energy levels.

During menopause, it is very common to experience changes in sleep patterns. It can include trouble from falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep often with hot flashes. If you have been feeling stressed, moody, lethargic, or even low on energy then don't worry as with our 1 hour curated session you will get to know your hormonal system, understand your sleep hormone, the happy hormone, and stress hormone. 

Along with this, gain knowledge on the importance of Circadian rhythm, effective strategies on how to re-balance your sleep hormone production, and 12 easy steps that you can do today to improve your sleep patterns again. 

  • Single pre-recorded session of 1 hour for $41



The right way for the right reason for the right results  

Having been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and looking after women’s wellness. Especially working with women on goals like weight gain, weight loss and overall well-being, as passionate as I am, 

my biggest challenge has always been on letting women solely focus on themselves and not to completely idealize social media representations. 


I have always aimed to change their mindset and understand what they need to do and its purpose. 

Do you recognize yourself in any of the pointers below?

  • Looking for a quick fix!

  • Attempting to look like someone (social media models, celebrities, a friend)

  • focusing on fad diets 

  • Following fitness trends 

  • Not willing to put in the required effort 

  • Killing it at the gym is the only way to see results 


If you resonate with any of the above, then do register yourself for this webinar. You will gain knowledge on science-based solutions and some powerful habit-changing strategies to implement in your everyday lifestyle. 


What you will learn:

  • Strategies to lose weight, especially during perimenopause /menopause. 

  • Types of food that can help alleviate symptoms and inflammation in the body

  • Learn effective mindset tools and strategies. 

  • How to read food labels

  • Food Guides - what’s right for you now 

  • Exercise to boost your energy, strength, and life hormone balance. 

  • Why high-intensity exercise and stress are not a good combination.

  • Single pre-recorded session of 1 hour for $41

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In your 40’s? Then, it's time to gift yourself our exclusive menopause masterclass. 

Every woman will have menopause. Yes, it is not an easy ride for anyone, but with the right knowledge and tactics, it can be well-managed.

With all the conflicting information, The Menopause Mastery will help you get a full understanding of this natural hormonal transition. You will also feel more empowered and be able to manage your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Educate yourself with evidence-based lifestyle solutions, strategies, and habits.

Remember, your menopause is nothing to be scared of if you are well prepared for it. 

One-Hour Live Group sessions for 5 Weeks for 300 AED 

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