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Women's Well-being & Coaching Meal Plan.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

What women need for future health!

As we enter the wonderful years of 40 and beyond, most of us need a gentle rethink on how we approach our future health and well-being.

Taking a fresh approach to diet, sleep, stress, and exercise has never been more important.

That's why...

Mindful Meals have created the first of its kind. Guiding you through a new and exciting journey to understand what is happening from your gut to your brain with your hormones, metabolism, and digestion.

We have created a delicious and satisfying nutritious food plan that incorporates ingredients that are vital to the changes in a woman’s body. A healthy nutritional diet is the foundation of a longer, more active life and is key is reducing the risk of age-related diseases and symptoms of menopause.

Why take this meal plan?

· Reduce inflammation in the body

· Reduce the belly fat

· Improve liver and gall bladder function

· Improve your gut microbiome

· Balance your blood sugar levels

· Reduce insulin levels

Don’t just eat it Learn it: Sharon will help you with lots of practical guidance to help foster new healthy lifestyle habits to discover health, happiness, and you. Creating awareness of the changes that are happening within the body and what choice you have to address them.

Starting with this type of meal plan gives your body a chance to reset and work from a healthier, stronger position addressing any imbalances your body may be experiencing. Remembering that not all symptoms are visible straight away. We only tend to address them when we experience them! So, getting a head start is essential.

Sharon James - Founder and owner of Sharon James Coaching

I have spent the last 30 years successfully helping hundreds of women with their weight, menopause, and fitness challenges, enabling them to get back on track and take control for a better tomorrow.

​As I approach my 3rd stage of training for more than 30 years, in the best shape, ate well and at 44 was proudly running marathons, completing triathlons, and going on lots of adventure travels, then like a switch overnight the shift started to happen, I hadn’t changed a thing in my diet and exercise, but I felt my weight creeping up, shape-changing and energy levels declining. The day had finally come that I needed to start applying the things I learned from years of studying, on myself. With the valuable information I was already using with my clients, I realized I was not exempt.

This is why I have combined everything I have learned through my vast career, my education in sports science & life coaching and my own personal journey to create programs that support you in navigating your life through midlife to embrace your future health.

To order your meal plan and instantly receive your practical guide to help foster new healthy lifestyle habits contact me on

Contact us for more information.

Sharon James +971 50 2771317

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